done by Marnél Toerien (Only certain days of the month)

R1900     Microblading (Eyebrows) 90min

The microblading method uses only hand tools alone with no electric or motorized parts to apply pigment into the skin with great detail. This method has many names but most of them are very similar, all applications aim to work pigment as close to the skins surface as possible.

Microblading / Embroidery method + Wesson Resurfacing Balm 15ml . R1300     Touch up 6-8 weeks

R1700     Machine (PMU Pen) Method (eyebrows) 90min


The Pen Machine is a motorised pen that although needs more precise work from its artist, it does penetrate the pigment (colour) deeper into the epidermis. The pen does all the work so the artist does not need to use a lot of pressure. The pen does make more noise than manual method but surprisingly enough it is as gentle on the skin and heals in most cases quicker than most manual methods, once the correct pressure and homecare is applied.

Powder Brow Effect / 3D colour+ Wesson Resurfacing Balm 15ml. 

R1200     Touch up 6-8 weeks


R1300     Machine (PMU Pen) Method (eyeliner) 75min

Eyeliner Top + Wesson Resurfacing Balm 15ml. 

R950      Touch up 6 weeks


R1800     Machine (PMU Pen) Method (eyeliner) 90min

Eyeliner Top & Bottom + Wesson Resurfacing Balm 15ml. 

R1100     Touch up 6 weeks