R380     De-stressing Full Body Massage (60min)

Full body massage with essentail oils

R380     Verre Massage

A deeply, relaxed pressure massage using glass baubles.

R230     Aroma Back Massage (30min)

Focusing on the Back to Relieve Muscle Tension and Aches

R280     Back Exfoliation (30min)

Incl. extractions and mask.

R380     Manual Lymphatic Drainage (60min)

Stimulates the Lymphatic System, aiding in the removal of Toxins by Increasing Circulation.

R250     Pressure Point Massage for Feet (60min) 

Reflexology: Applying Pressure on Stressful Areas of the Feet to Relief Tension and induces a Complete State of Relaxation.

R90      Indian Relaxing Head Massage (30min)

R90      Foot Massage (30min)

R580     Clarté Experience (180min)

A Holistic treatment beginning with an enchanting foot soak in Salt Crystal water, following with a smoothing hand mask. Using an Essential candle massage oil for the relaxing back massage. This lovely journey continues with a Vitaderm Aromatic Facial that is designed to cleanse and moisturize your shin, Completing with a Head massage leaving you absolutely refreshed and tranquil.