When I first joined Sh’Zen in 2012 I used to get terribly sore winters fingers.  For a Bookkeeper this can be really bad!

After I have earned all my kits, I was going through the Sh’Zen pricelist at the back of the leaflet that I had –

Because you know once you have 1 Sh’Zen product, you have to have them all hahahaha! SO –  I saw that the Refining Balm for hands was on special, but that I didn’t have that product.

So I ordered it immediately and started using it – and LOVED the way it made my skin feel. I honestly had baby soft hands from the first application!

I had terribly sore hands at that stage(1st and 2nd pic attached) – from the cold.

After just 2 days of using the Refining Balm my hands were not sore at all anymore (3rd and 4th pics).  Pic 5 was at the end of day 5 of using the Refining Balm.

I used to get the sore winters hands every year for 15 years….Not even medication prescribed by my GP could fix this for me.

After just that one week of using the Refining Balm, I have never had sore hands at all – ever again in my life! Refining Balm for hands is still my ultimate favourite Sh’Zen handcream!


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